Kelly Brook Looking very sexy.


Sorry but this is a joke website !

Please read below how to fool others and get your own back on your friends

1. Send them an email telling them to check out this website and see how long they wait for the video to buffer before they realise that it is a big joke and they have totally wasted their time.

2. Post a link to this website on your Twitter account or Facebook status to fool lots of your friends at once - imagine how they will feel when they have sat and watched an ever looping video which is non exisitant in the first place.

3. If you have a website, create a link to this site saying that a kelly brook sex tape has been discovered and it can be watched for 100% free here.

We will post a league table below of the peoples names who have wasted the most time waiting for this imaginary video to load.

Top 5 League Table of people fooled

1. Spencer Morgan from Cardiff with 42 minutes
2. Harry Griffiths from Bristol with 37 minutes
3. Robert Jenkins from Leeds with 32 minutes
4. Alan Williams from Manchester with 27 minutes
5. Mohammad Azaz from Birmingham with 24 minutes

Email us here with your friends times and we will add them to the league table above.

Disclaimer : This is a joke website and the creator cannot be held responsible for any time wasted whilst waiting for the kelly brook sex tape to load.

Kelly Brook Sex Scene